Kaya Lila, Aerial Artist — Comox Valley Photographer

Kaya Lila, an aerialist from the Comox Valley, shows off her form as she performs with her silks.

Kaya Lila performs showing her finesse and strength as she hangs from her silks. (Gordon Ross)

As a photographer, I’ve had the great honor to meet and connect with many amazing people who are at the peak of their art.

This is a shot from a series of images that Kaya and I worked on together. I was awed by how easy she made it look even though the strength required was substantial. To go up and down the silks and hold some of these postures for extended periods, often with a smile on her face, is an incredible feat.

And then there is the height factor… there’s more here than meets the eye. I hope I captured some of it in this photograph.

Kaya Lila is based out of Tin Town in Courtenay and has performed at major events such as the Big Time Out in Cumberland.

Bye for  now.

Gordon Ross

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