Japan's Tragedy

It is sad to witness, albeit remotely, the pain and loss due to the tragic events in Japan. My heart goes out to the survivors who have to grapple with shattered lives and total uncertainty.

I have actually held off blogging for several days because it seemed odd to be talking about relatively trivial matters when such a horrible event was unfolding. As a personal note, a friend of mine, Kai, who lives in Canada, told me that his entire hometown was wiped away in the tsunami. He can still remember the terrifying day years ago when another tsunami came ashore and wreaked hell on peoples’ lives. I can’t imagine what he is feeling today.

These origami chains are hung everywhere at the Hiroshima memorial for the victims of the atomic bomb. It is a very powerful and sad place to visit. (Gordon Ross)

I lived in Japan for several years and this fascinating people and their culture left an indelible mark on me. There is so much beauty there, so much history and so much resilience. The Japanese are a strong people. I hope that they can maintain their fortitude during this dark time.

In the the spirit of helping, I found this interesting Google Application which is making the rounds on the Internet. If you know of someone who is trying to connect with someone in Japan, please direct them to the Google People Finder.

In the days ahead as I learn about more ways to help, I will post them here. Also, if you hear about any ways to help the afflicted in Japan, please send me the information.

I took the image in this post years ago at the Hiroshima Memorial for  the Atomic Bomb Victims.

In peace and hope,

Gordon Ross

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