I've Been Living in a Capsule

In the last post, I talked about where the people of Singapore live.

Well, this is where I’ve been living. It’s called a Capsule Hotel and they originated in Japan where space, like many densely inhabited regions of Asia, is at a huge premium.

So, as always, if things get too expensive for the masses, they either give you less of them or they make them smaller. Hence the Capsule Hotel. I’ve never stayed in one of the Japanese originals so I can’t compare directly, but it seems to be a reasonable facsimile. The Japanese probably have better privacy screens and items like TVs, but it’s essentially the same with dimensions close to 4’x4’x8′.

Overall they work. All rooms no matter how expensive or big are the same when you close your eyes. Just remember to bring earplugs. Snoring is a very common condition.

And that’s that for Singapore. Tonight, I board a flight to Colombo, Sri Lanka arriving just after midnight.

We shall meet again.


(taken with an iPhone in low light = poor image … hope you get the general idea)

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