The Snow Leopard has Landed…

Finally, we’re grounded in Whistler …. and Pemberton, too, for some of the team. Through the continuing generosity of the people we meet we now have a (ahem) mansion in Whistler (which is easily accommodating the 18 of us) and another house in Whistler.  So riches continue to abound wherever this the Ghana Ski Team shows up.

So backwards in time … last night was an electrifying ceremony of sound and light that left the city of Vancouver buzzing with excitement.

As I was still waiting for security clearance on my Olympic accreditation, my press ticket for the opening ceremony couldn’t be issued. But no worries, we still had fun as David, one of the other team members (who also didn’t get his clearance) and I toddled off to Granville to join the fun in a local bar. Dressed in our Snow Leopard gear, we had a blast of a time and when the Ghana team came out, the whole bar went lit up. Fun.

Then the long drive home back to Pemberton – 3 hours of grueling eye-fouling madness. The Sea to Sky Highway is sadly still a piece of crap. Okay, so it’s raining and it’s dark, that part we can’t change … but they have installed these yellow pylons that make the lanes extremely narrow and they are absolutely memorizing at night especially in the glare of oncoming lights. Add a little water on the pavement and the surface becomes one long mirror … I mean, what the hell was the IOC thinking? We’ve done that drive for the last 3 nights … hopefully, that’s the end of it.

Turning the clock back another night, we were hosted by the local Ghana community in Colquitlam – about 200 hundred people  came out to celebrate Kwame’s Olympic quest. And how cool was that? The people were so appreciative of Kwame’s goals and what he is doing for Ghana and for Africa in general.  What a trip.

Today is about finishing my accreditation,  getting the “technical” team (web, IT, etc.)  set up in Whistler and getting the lay of the village. Stay tuned…

Go Ghana Go.

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