Elevate the Arts — Taking Better Portraits Workshop with Gordon Ross — Comox Valley Photographer

As promised … here is an image of the lovely Savannah Eanes (thanks Savannah) from our May 5th  workshop at The Muir Gallery.

 (Gordon Ross)

We covered a lot of material in a short period of time, most of which was on the hand-out circulated that day. But in this particular image, I used a single light-source (a beauty dish) 45 degrees to the viewers right about 7′ off the floor. The camera settings were 160/f16/100 ISO and a flash white-balance. I shot down on Savannah (the most flattering angle for most of us) and played with a few head and body positions until I got the look I was after. Voila.

What do I love about the shot? Her expression and the smooth blend of muted earth tones that run through her hair, skin and clothes. Nothing flashy at all — not even a splash of colour. But it works.

I hope you had fun at the workshop. Workshops in my studio will be announced shortly. You can learn more about upcoming workshops by becoming a fan of Gordon Ross Photography on Facebook here.

Bye for now.

Gordon Ross

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