Elephant Revival at Vancouver Island Music Fest

Elephant Revival

I love Elephant Revival! It was one of the great musical surprises for me at the Vancouver Island Music Fest.

The band has a magnetic sound that drifts into ethereal when you hear Bonnie Paine’s voice. You can check out some of their music on Soundcloud. I didn’t know what to expect when I first saw them on the main stage, but when I heard Bonnie’s melancholy vibrato I was mesmerized. It was like Natalie Merchant X 2. And then there’s that amazing fiddle player, Bridget Law.

On their website they write, “Where words fail… music speaks. That simple line atop Elephant Revival’s Facebook page contains only five words, but reveals volumes about the band’s reason for being. Music unites us in ways that no other medium can. Even when we don’t understand one another’s languages – we can be moved by a rhythm, soothed by a song. Brought together by a unified sense of purpose – the spirit of five souls working as one, in harmony, creating sounds they could never produce alone.”

On their About page, I learned that their name was chosen out of empathy for two elephants who died after being separated. This, to me, suggests another level of consciousness that makes them even more interesting.

The band members are Sage Cook, Bridget Law, Bonnie Paine, Daniel Rodriguez and Dango Rose. In addition to playing their instruments all of the band members sing as well.

Let’s hope they come back next year.

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Bye for now.

Gordon Ross


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