The KISS: A Collaborative Photography Project

Argentinian Tango Dancers

The KISS: A Collective Photography Project at Elevate the Arts

Bounded only by your creativity and a few guidelines, come participate in a fun,loving and sexy photography project that explores the age-old act of the kiss.

As part of Elevate the Arts you’ll be able to find me in Simms Alley (behind Whale’s Tails Toys) tonight (Friday) at 5pm. I’ll be there to give a brief workshop about this very cool photo happening.

Bring your camera, your imagination and get ready to explore your idea of the kiss.

More information about the project can be found here, but here are the participation guidelines:

  1. The shot must be taken somewhere in the core area of the Elevate event.
  2. The shot must be taken between the Intro Workshop on Friday June 7th and midnight, June 8th.
  3. The kiss must be consensual.
  4. The shot should be cool for all audience ages. The shots will be published on the Elevate website + my blog.
  5. Only one photo per photographer—so make it a good on! Please send your submission to [email protected] with your full name and telephone number by midnight on Sunday June 9th.
  6. Photo should be supplied as a jpg. Please keep the file size under 5MB.
  7. If you have an identifiable person(s) in your shot, the subject must sign a release. Releases will be supplied at the workshop. The photo will be published online at http://www.elevatethearts.com/ and gordonross.ca and may be used in future marketing efforts.

That’s it! Be sure to check out the downtown art event that’s already underway. The full schedule can be found online here.

Bye for now.


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