Chile Travel Photography

Yoga on Villarica Volcanoe, Chile

Chile Travel Photography — From the Atacama Desert to Torres del Paine in Patagonia.

Chile is a long, thin country that borders Peru and Bolivia in the north and Argentina in the south. The Andes is one of its most prominent features running the full length of the country from north to south. Its long north-south axis makes for a diverse landscape. In the north, you have the driest desert on earth, the Atacama; in the middle you have a temperate climate famous for its wine-growing regions; and in the south you have the windswept majesty of Patagonia with the famed park of Torres del Paine.

Throughout the country you will find volcanoes, lakes, fjords and powerful rivers that sweep down from the Andean highlands. And way out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, you find Easter Island, Chile’s Polynesian claim. I’ve heard Easter Island described as the most remote, permanently inhabited place on earth. It’s a spooky place especially if you spend time alone with the Moai (the heads). You will find a few images of Easter Island toward the end of the slideshow.

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