Chanti – Comox Valley Portrait Photographer

The lovely Chanti.

 (Gordon Ross)

Portraiture. I love it in all its forms. From the head-shot to the candid art-shot, the human face is a miracle in diversity and beauty.

I love working with people to find an image that represents them well. My hope is that when the people who know Chanti see this picture, they’ll say, “That’s the woman I know.” If I can accomplish that, then I feel I’ve done my job properly.

If you’re keen to get your portrait done, the studio is ready for you. Sessions are painless. In fact, they’re downright fun and you can bring your own music if you’re so inspired. Everybody should have a good portrait of themselves. For posterity, if for nothing else.

Contact [email protected] to book your session or to find out more.

Bye for now.

Gordon Ross

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