Burning Man 2011, Second Installment – Vancouver Island Photographer

As promised, here is the second release of images from Burning Man 2011.

In one of the outer structures that leads to a set of steps that take you up to the upper level of the Temple of Transition, a lit figure stops to pause and observe some of the relics and mementos that others have left behind. The figure, the lit structure and the words all seemed to blend. Synchronicity. Gestalt. Magic. Whatever you want to call it. (Gordon Ross)

If you would like to view this release of images only, click here. If you would look to see the full set of images released so far, click here.

To guide you, all images are titled and captioned. And for full effect, make sure you view the slideshow in full screen mode. Enjoy.

Bye for now.

Gordon Ross

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