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01 May 2013
portrait photography

The Mossi King’s Yellow Shoes, Burkina Faso

Dig the Mossi King’s yellow shoes—what a hipster. The King himself is a pretty important fellow—he has over 6 million subjects. I shot some portraits of him as well; it was the obligatory thing to do. But what really intrigued me were the attendants who sat at his feet.  Every time the king would say something, the three minions (the other two are sitting next to the man wearing purple) would snap their fingers like exclamation marks at the end of […]

30 Apr 2013

Sweating at a forge, Bamako, Mali

As if being close to the equator isn’t warm enough, this guy works at a forge all day. The beads of sweat tell the story. Mali’s average life-expectancy is 53; poverty mercilessly grinds people down. The Recycler’s Market is on the outskirts of Bamako, the capital of Mali. Here, metal waste is recycled into useful products from car parts to cooking utensils. It’s amazing what resourceful people can do with so little. Bye for now. G  

25 Apr 2013

Vivian Maier—A Brilliant Street Photographer, Unknown In Her Time

I just had to share this. I love great street photography because of the way it can frame the mundane as something special. For me, accomplished street photography highlights the profound nature of our daily moments. My friend Terri sent me the link to a blog post on the photographer, Vivian Maier, who captured some quintessential moments of everyday American life from the mid-50s to the early-90s. And to think that, during her life, she didn’t show her images to […]

24 Apr 2013

Natural and Artificial Light Photography in the Street

The fun that you can have with digital cameras. This shot uses a mix of natural light as seen in the background sky, and artificial small-strobe light which is projected solely onto the subject. The beauty of working with both light sources is that you can expose for each one. If I had relied on the Automatic or Program setting of my camera,  the result would have been the-deer-in-the-headlights-phenomena, which is, well, boring. The added oomph in this photo comes from […]

23 Apr 2013
studio portrait photography

Colour and Grace | Studio Lighting

Movement, form, colour and light—what could go wrong? After a series of images from the field, here’s one from the studio. Natural light is good. Studio light is good. Yes, they’re all good. It’s all about playing with available light whether natural, or artificial. And then, you can mix the two sources for even wilder effects. A harbinger of posts to come… Photography—fun and endlessly creative. Upcoming photography workshops to be announced in the next few days. Stay tuned and […]

22 Apr 2013
portrait photography

Amazing Faces Of Cambodia

Faces are my favourite subjects. Not only is each face fantastically unique, but each person’s face changes constantly making for endless photographic possibilities. Take this man for example. What a great face and from what I could see, he lived in deep poverty, in a country with a tragic history of genocide, war and lingering landmines.  But despite it all, he managed a kind, inviting expression.  And Cambodia is filled with such expressions. A testament to the resilience of the human […]

18 Apr 2013

Modern Architecture in Singapore, Marina Bay Sands Hotel

The Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore struck me as odd and fascinating. Talk about conflicted. I mean, you can’t help but marvel at the genius behind the construction, but why is there a ship’s hull on top of a building? Incongruous? I think so. But then again, the structure is a casino-hotel and if Vegas is any guide, the more outlandish, the better. Maybe people bet more in quirky spaces? Or maybe, it symbolizes the casino sailing away with […]

16 Apr 2013

An Engagement Photo in Sri Lanka

As I wandered through the green expanse of Kandy’s Botanical Garden, I came across this lovely couple out for a shoot with their hired Sri Lankan wedding photographer. Being the interloper that I am (the basic nature of a photographer?), I asked if I could take their picture. They obliged and everyone, including their photographer, seemed happy with the request; their photographer took a picture of me taking a picture of them. My guess is that I am now in […]

15 Apr 2013

Yoga with Crampons on Villarica Volcano, Andes, Chile

Yes, you can do yoga anywhere, even on an active volcano. And with crampons, too. After a 4-hour climb to the top of Villarica Volcano in the Lake District of Chile, a little stretch is exactly what we needed. In the photo, you can see another stratovolcano off in the distance which is similar in shape to Villarica, the one we’re standing on. You can also see smoke (which is mostly water vapour and leached minerals) coming up from the […]

12 Apr 2013

A Country of Tea Drinkers

In Sri Lanka, tea is a big deal. Sri Lanka is the fourth largest producer and the second largest exporter in the world. I had always thought that tea production had a really long history in Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon), but it was the British who introduced it and started cultivation in the mid-1800s. Previously, coffee had been the big deal (fueled by consumption in Europe), but a coffee blight pretty much wiped out the entire stock. Luckily, they had […]