Bali Temple at Night

I thought it was time to show you some of the warmer images in my collection. Lately I have been showing you a lot of snow images (it’s hard not to when we have one of the deepest snow-packs in the world on Mount Washington — and it’s still snowing).

But let’s think warm for a moment… sweet tropical warmth.

[photoshelter-img width=’600′ height=’420′ i_id=’I0000NG1SUWu9ceU’ buy=’1′]

I took this shot recently on a trip to Bali, Indonesia, one of the world’s great travel gems. This temple is located on an ocean-side cliff so try to imagine the thundering bellows of the surf below mixed with the humid warmth of the tropical ocean air.  Under the full moon we attended a temple ceremony to the sounds of drums and the chants of Hindus as they made offerings and prayed. It’s a pretty special place.

As a guide, I traveled there years ago and was stunned by its diversity. Indonesia is best thought of as a nation of nations because each island is unique and there are thousands of them. You could spend the rest of your life wandering around this tropical archipelago. Returning 15 years later, I was relieved to find a country that had managed to maintain many of its beautiful traditions despite modern pressures.

This image is just a teaser of a new online gallery that I am working on. We’ll be posting it in the weeks ahead and starting a slide-show series here in the studio that we will invite you to attend. I hope to see you at one of our nights.

Bye for now.


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