Atmosphere Festival in Cumberland, 2014

Talk about nailing a festival right out of the blocks. Atmosphere 2014—the music was brilliant, the weather was hot, the vibe was chill, the scene was conscious… Atmosphere is a hit mix of electronic and live music, performing arts, awesome healthy food, mass participation events such as The Church of Reggae Yoga (awesome) and chill, reflective zones replete with glowing crystals. And then there was the Temple Teepee filled with sacred art, the spiritual heart of the festival located under the protective embrace of the big trees.

Atmosphere is the next generation of festivals that invite participation as much as they entertain. And the more you participate, the higher the collective vibe goes. This will be a festival to watch as it evolves in the years ahead. As with most festivals, you can’t see and do it all, but of course you can try…with three stages—The Big Tent, Atmosphere and the Forest Stage, there’s something happening all the time and there’s something for everyone, including children who were having an awesome time. Musical faves for me were A Tribe Called Red, The Funk Hunters, BlackaliciousGaudi and Lady K.

Harmonic Arts had the coolest booth of all the vendors with lots of amazing herbal treats to sample, elixirs to imbibe and energy snacks to keep the fire burning.

And the Atmosphere Tent—what a coup getting a circus tent that holds up to a 1000 people—yes, a for-real circus tent. They are still raising funds for its purchase—check out Project Intent.

Hope you like the images. I suggest putting on some good tunes as you watch the side-show of 76 images.

Thanks for checking in.

Bye for now.

Gordon Ross


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