A Country of Tea Drinkers

In Sri Lanka, tea is a big deal. Sri Lanka is the fourth largest producer and the second largest exporter in the world.

I had always thought that tea production had a really long history in Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon), but it was the British who introduced it and started cultivation in the mid-1800s.

Previously, coffee had been the big deal (fueled by consumption in Europe), but a coffee blight pretty much wiped out the entire stock. Luckily, they had started producing tea when the coffee blight hit and by 1870 just about all of the coffee plantations had been converted to tea production.

Those crazy Brits. I tell ya. They got around.

In front of the lovely tea seller is a row of teas that you can sample after the factory tour. The factory tours are awesome because you get to go right on the floor with the workers. Can you imagine getting to do that in the West? Insurance companies would freak. And that’s why it’s so nice to travel to a place like Sri Lanka. You actually get to go behind-the-scenes. And they are so welcoming. What a beautiful country.

It’s also unlimited tea (and it’s really, really good) so you can walk out with quite a buzz.

Bye for now.


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