Headshots (Professional Portraits)

Professional portraits, headshots or corporate headshots range from the standard studio shot of the upper body and head to an in-the-field shot that highlights the person doing their craft or business in an interesting, revealing location. The main idea of a headshot is to get a very clear idea of what the person looks like in a flattering composition. It’s the face (or head) that counts in a professional headshot, hence the name. The statement, “the eyes have it” sums up a commercial portrait. We are bombarded by imagery so a good headshot has to give a strong impression quickly. There’s no faster way to do this than having a good solid unmistakably-you kind of shot.

Most professionals need good headshots for promotional items such as business cards, websites and brochures. If you are doing media releases, it’s nice to include your headshot with it. We only have seconds to grab someone’s attention. Make those seconds count with a strong portrait.

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