General Travel Photography

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Here’s a general collection of travel photography from around the world.  I’ve been shooting for over 30 years now and have travelled to about 75 countries. It’s been a fun ride and I’ve enjoyed it immensely. Naturally, there have been a few low moments such as numerous near-death experiences. But fortunately, I’m still here to talk about it. As a guide I traveled extensively with camera-in-hand throughout Asia, Latin American and Africa. The places that I’ve lugged camera gear. It’s tiring just thinking about it.

I am constantly developing my travel images and update the general travel photography gallery on a regular basis so please check back again to see what’s new.

Most of my images are for sale so if you see something that speaks to your heart, please send me an email. I print on the highest quality archival paper so the prints will last for a long time if they are matted properly behind glass.

Thanks for checking in.

Gordon Ross